Don’t go chasing waterfalls


Since we had a long weekend for the MLK holiday, some of my friends and I drove up to Lake Toxaway, NC. It was a gorgeous weekend to be in the mountains, and I fully planned to blog about our day trip to the idyllic town of Brevard. Because what’s less basic than a tiny hipster town?

And then we went on the hike from hell…

(When I’m cold and hangry, I tend to get a bit hyperbolic… so take that with a grain of salt)

My family can 100% vouch for the fact that nature is NOT my friend. Normally I would just wave goodbye from the couch as everyone goes off to become one with nature, but I’m trying to embrace my more adventurous side. Just in case, though, I warned the group that I can be a bit of a complainer (as if they didn’t know already).

We set out into the woods to find the trail that would lead us to a waterfall. The hike down is great (I only tripped once!) and the view is well worth the trek. I spend the walk talking about how long I’d last in the Hunger Games (2 days max.) and praising myself for keeping most of my complaints unspoken. Sadly, the hike back up is pretty terrible – I diagnose myself with asthma within minutes.

Home sweet car, right? All is well, right? WRONG.

As I get ready to hop back in the car (sweet freedom!), I can sense that things aren’t going to go my way. Suddenly, I’m being dragged off on ANOTHER HIKE to ANOTHER WATERFALL.

Flash forward an hour. We made it to the waterfall! I’m freezing because I left my vest and sweatshirt and gloves in the car after hike #1 and waterfall #2 likes to spray water all over unsuspecting hikers. Oh well, at least we get some good pictures out of it. We meet a nice couple and start following them back toward our car.

We look so happy!!! (Don't be fooled)
We look so happy!!! (Don’t be fooled)

Flash forward another hour. We’ve been on this trail for quite some time and nothing looks familiar. We’re walking downhill, but we should be heading UP the mountain. Uh oh, we’ve been walking in the WRONG DIRECTION for AN HOUR.

Meanwhile, the regrets are piling up in my mind:

1) I regret leaving my vest and sweatshirt and gloves in the car.

2) I regret not asking the random couple where they were parked.

3) I regret leaving my fully-charged phone in the car.

4) I regret spending an hour talking about how I’d never survive in the Hunger Games.

5) I regret how many Criminal Minds episodes I’ve watched where unsuspecting hikers get lost in the woods and end up murdered.

After stopping to get our bearings, we finally figure out which trail we’re supposed to take. And then my friends start JOGGING because they’re afraid the sun will set on us. Not even the impending darkness will make me RUN UP A MOUNTAIN after walking for 3 hours, so I hold up the rear.

Finally, we make it back to our car. As upset as I am about the whole feet-about-to-fall-off situation, I’m pretty proud of myself (plus I exceeded my Fitbit step goal!). Even though things didn’t quite go as planned, this hike seems like a worthy kickoff to my unbasic project.

But don’t expect any more hikes in my future. I think I can check “do something outdoorsy” off my list.

All is well.
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**This weekend was amazing and I want to give a shoutout to the Pope family for letting us stay in their house and for making us delicious meals. I’d also like to thank my friends for putting up with my constant stream of complaints for 4.5 hours… I bet ya wish I’d stayed home now, huh?


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