Streakers and Man Buns and Saxophones — Oh My!

K I’m going to be completely honest here — I did not expect to love Good Night with Jay Putnam. I thought it might cause me to chuckle once or twice, max. I really just decided to watch it as a sort of solidarity/curiosity/boredom activity, but I was shocked to find that it was actually freakin’ hilarious.

Why the lack of faith, you ask? I expected it to be one of those situations when there’s a lot of hype for something that’s supposed to be hilarious and then it comes out and people are like…. oh. (Or maybe I’m just a hater.)

But it was actually really funny. Like REALLY funny, not just “oh that’s nice, a bunch of college kids wrote some jokes” funny. My hat is off to you, Jay Putnam.

Some of you skeptics are probably reading this thinking that this is some sort of marketing ploy to get attention for the show. But it’s not! I don’t even know Jay Putnam! (Although it seems like everyone else in the world does.)

So here is my open letter to Jay Putnam and his Good Night team (because everyone knows that open letters are all the rage right now):

Dear Jay Putnam –

I like that you named a show after yourself. From one narcissist to another, I’m pretty jealous that I don’t have a show named after me (if you were wondering… it would be called either Breakfast with Becca or Break Dancing with Becca).

Your scooter moves are super impressive, but I think next time you should unicycle. Just a suggestion.

So I sat on the front row when Jimmy Fallon came to Chapel Hill with President Obama and Dave Matthews (pardon my humble brag), and I was shocked to learn that he employs “laugh” and “clap” cards to keep his audience engaged. Do you have cards like that? I think shows like yours would be funnier if your cards said things like “bark” and “twerk.” Again, just a suggestion.

Two thumbs up for finding a guest with a real-life man bun. If you can’t have the real Chris Hemsworth, you might as well settle for a scarf-wearing lookalike. Speaking of impressive guest-finding, I always forget how awesome Balaban is (probably because I always remember how not-so-awesome my grade in her class was). As great as she is and all, her arms deserve some SERIOUS respect. Those guns could give Michelle Obama’s a run for their money.

A tip: change your name to Jimmy. That seems to work for people.

Last but not least — as much as I loved the show, I wish you had given it a more appropriate name… perhaps How Many White People Can We Fit In One Room?

You keep doin’ you, Jay Putnam.


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