Here’s one thing I’ve discovered in life: people who say they live with no regrets are totally lying.


I have my fair share of regrets (getting side bangs, taking Econ 101, not being in the Olympics), but tonight I’ve come across a big regret I never even knew I had: not being on SNL.

(I also a little bit regret going to see 50 Shades, but that’s a story for another day…)


But seriously. I have all the makings to be a famous comedian — I love attention, I’m socially awkward, I played in the orchestra in high school (ugh, is the band dorkier?), and my mom thinks I’m HILARIOUS.

Anyway… in honor of the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, I’ve put together a list of some of my personal favorite skits from over the years (and by that I mean a bunch of skits I actually saw mixed with some skits my siblings told me about).

Steve Martin, star of my favorite movie (Father of the Bride Part II), in “King Tut”

“I never said I was a role model…”

“I can see Russia from my house…”


But it ain’t no x-box 360!



Ah, SNL. With writers like these, how could it not be a great show?

And #tbt to when Taran Killam was Jordan Cahill in Stuck in the Suburbs…



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