Does the end of the world have wifi?

Now that my midterms are over, I’ve been using all of my energy to think about Spring Break. Since it’s disgusting and rainy and insanely un-Spring-Break-y outside today, I’ve had some trouble focusing on the week ahead. I could write this blog post about Spring Break and Jamaica and 80 degree weather (!!!!), but instead I decided to do something that would make me less basic (that’s what this whole thing was all about in the first place, wasn’t it?).

And so I watched Will Forte’s awesome new show, “Last Man on Earth.” It’s pretty much the talk of the internet this week, so it seemed only right that I take some of my precious time and devote it to this worthy cause.


I agree with the reviews — the show was great. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but Will Forte did not disappoint in the pilot. I really enjoyed the strange, quirky comedy that’s set to replace Girls in my lineup. (Sorry Mom, I know you’re going to be upset that I’ve added another show to my roster…)

I don’t want to spoil anything, but basically Will Forte plays the last man alive after a virus wipes out the entire country. He does lots of weird things with his newfound freedom — he wears Hugh Hefner’s pajamas, decorates his new mansion with Rembrandts and the Declaration of Independence, and basically lives in his own squalor. It’s everything you would expect from Will Forte: light/enjoyable/weird/wonderful.

Inspired by the show, here are my thoughts about being the last woman on earth. Because if I’ve learned anything as a millennial, it’s that people love lists.

1. I would immediately move to Ikea. THIS PLACE HAS EVERYTHING.


2. Try to find an Ikea somewhere warm and tropical and completely different than this wintery-mix-rainy-hellhole that is North Carolina right now.


3. Maybe I could live in Florida. I’m generally opposed to Florida but if I could go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter WITHOUT waiting in the lines, I might be less of a hater. Plus, I could talk to Fake Dumbledore about my problems and it would be amazing.


4. Orlando definitely has an Ikea I think.

5. I’d have to stock up on sunscreen (because Florida).


6. Rethinking Florida… because alligators.

7. Will Forte lives in Arizona. That is not where I would live.

8. I’d probably also steal famous paintings and put them up around my home. Monets on Monets on Monets.

9. I would spend all of my free time (so all of my time) practicing singing show tunes and nobody to stop me!!!!


10. Will Forte doesn’t bathe, but I think I would definitely have to bathe.

11. I wonder if Wifi still works. It would be nice to watch whatever I want on Netflix while chillin in Diagon Alley.


12. I think being the Last Woman on Earth would be less boring than living on Bachelor Chris’ farm in Iowa.



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