Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Let me tell you about my best friend: trendy, encouraging, always by my side, always reliable, always counting my steps…

So yeah, my best friend is my Fitbit. And yeah, our relationship is a little unhealthy. I check the app more than I check my texts. I tweet at Customer Services at least once a week. I glare at people wearing Jawbones on the street. (But seriously, Jawbone-wearers… why would you buy an inferior product? WHY???)


Since this past week was Spring Break, I decided to forgo my Fitbit and try to live my life without worrying about reaching my step goal (for a week, that is).

Turns out, being suddenly free of my Fitbit was a lot like coming to college. Finally, I could plan my own days! I was free from commitment! I was accountable to no one! I could walk without checking to make sure my steps were being counted correctly! (So I ruined my comparison a little bit. Sue me.)

For the first two days, everything was great. I walked from my room to the pool to the kitchen to my room — and that was it! I didn’t pace around so I could hit 10,000 steps or take the long way home for the sake of my precious active minutes. SWEET FREEDOM!


But then the middle of the week rolled around. I felt something I seldom feel: shame at my own laziness. What has my Fitbit done to me? Has it made me… an active person? Do I suddenly enjoy exercise? Oh no!!!

The real tragedy hit when we got to the Newark airport. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s a straight-up labyrinth. We got lost like 5 separate times. As my group got to our gate, I instinctively looked to my wrist.


Are you KIDDING me? I walked all those steps and my Fitbit wasn’t even there to witness it??? Suddenly, I just wanted to get home and find my Fitbit.

Maybe I’m crazy, but distance really does make the heart grow fonder. And don’t worry, my Fitbit and I are back together. And I walked 17,000 steps yesterday.



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