Vermonster Victory (?)

Am I proud right now? Or filled with shame?

I did the Vermonster challenge with 5 of my friends (Mom, don’t look up what’s in it). And here are my thoughts about it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.41.55 PM
Photo courtesy of @travelingtummy

Basically, it’s an emotional whirlwind. The emotions are as follows:



2. Wait never mind I can’t do this.

3. Ya know what, I’ve had a hard week. I can do this.

4. Oh gosh, that’s a big bucket of ice cream.

5. I’m sorry… did you say TWENTY scoops?

During Vermonster (early stages):

6. This is not bad at all. Split 6 ways? We got this.

7. Just have to navigate my way around the bananas.

8. Mmmmm cookies and brownies and ice cream.

9. Oh no, I just accidentally ate a banana!!! I think that was my first fruit in like two weeks. I’M HEALTHY.


During Vermonster (middle stages): 

10. Spirits aren’t so high anymore.

11. This is a LOT of ice cream.

12. And cookies.

13. And brownies.

14. And bananas. They’re RUINING the concoction.


During Vermonster (late stages):

15. This is terrible.


17. Why did we pay money for this torture?

18. Should we quit?

19. Ugh. We made it this far. Can’t quit.

20. Shame. Such shame.


21. Walk home doubled over.

22. Head straight for couch.

23. Remain on couch for hour and a half.

24. Become hungry…

25. Wonder what is wrong with me.

26. #noragrets

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.41.40 PM
Picstitch courtesy of Missy White

One thought on “Vermonster Victory (?)

  1. H. L. Stephenson III - 4004 says:

    You nut! 🙂

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