The One With Joel McHale

Writing this blog post is weird.

For starters, I’m a long way from the lumpy couch at 131 North Street, which is where I used to write my blog posts. (I’m in fact not even sitting on a couch. I’m actually sitting on a bed, but that’s beside the point.) My friends are not wandering in and out of the room, I’m not writing this to procrastinate doing actual homework, and I don’t have a bag of Skinny Pop beside me (I could, I just don’t).

I am, however, in an apartment in New York City. I am living in a state that isn’t North Carolina and when people ask when I’m coming home, I no longer say “in time for rush.” And tomorrow, I start my first ever real-person job. Like I said, things are weird.


All weirdness aside, I’m extremely excited to be in the city (don’t I sound cool and fancy calling it that? THE city. As if there couldn’t possibly be any other cities worth mentioning). I can’t wait to start work tomorrow and finally be a real person.

My parents were here this weekend and we did all of the fun touristy-but-not-so-touristy-that-I’m-embarrassed stuff like Washington Square Park and the High Line. We also saw American in Paris, which I highly recommend (especially if you want to feel terrible about your own lack of talent… people shouldn’t be allowed to be amazing singers and dancers). Over the course of the weekend, we walked a grand total of 52,029 steps. My Fitbit is like, “Is that you, Rebecca? Or did an active person steal me from your wrist?”


We did a lot of other things, but the most notable moment of the weekend was seeing Joel McHale. I’ve seen famous people before, mind you, like the time I grazed shoulders with Dakota Fanning while avoiding the same grate on the ground, or the time I saw Adam Levine and wasn’t sure it was him and then found out via TMZ that he was in fact in SoHo on that very day. But Joel McHale was a different story. Partly because he’s like 7 feet tall, partly because he pretended not to hear me saying OMG OMG OMG to my mom as I gawked at him. But mostly because I got this awesome pic of him:


Next thing you know, he’s going to talk about the sweaty girl he actively avoided eye contact with on the street on the Soup and I’ll be famous in my own right.

For all of my fellow God Squad-ers, we also saw Tim Keller preach at his church, Redeemer Presbyterian. It was awesome and I plan to go back in the future if anyone wants to join!

Until next time, readers.


If you want to hear more about my adventures in the Big Apple, follow my blog! I feel like a weird annoying girl when I post it on Facebook.


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