As It Turns Out, Stalking Pays Off

I met my soulmate at exactly 8:41 pm on Wednesday, June 3rd on a random street in Greenwich Village.

It was a day like any other day: I went to work, made my daily trip to CVS, talked to my mom on the phone, and headed home to commence Friends-watching. I finally decided that watching Netflix was probably not the best way to spend my time in the Big Apple, so Kaki met me downtown and we went for a walk by the river. An hour or so later, I walked Kaki back to the subway and started home.

That is how I came to find myself standing next to Matthew Gray Gubler, better known as Dr. Spencer Reid, now known as The One True Love Of My Life. I love a lot of people, but I truly believe that the Gubs and I are meant to be. Not only is he super hot and funny, but he’s also super nerdy. I’m even willing to overlook the fact that he was in middle school when I was born.

So here I am, taking creepy pictures of THE Dr. Spencer Reid, trying to work up the nerve to say hello. Instead, I did what any socially awkward millennial would do: I texted my friends’ GroupMe. At this point, I had all but decided to call it a day with my stalker pics and bragging rights and just go home. image3

Thankfully, I have some rather peer-pressurey friends who would not let me walk away from this opportunity. So, after deciding to walk home and not follow Matthew any further, I suddenly got a wave of bravery and ran around the corner and in front of a car (whoops) in order to catch up with him.

And that is how I met Matthew Gray Gubler, Soulmate Extraordinaire.


He shook my hand (the same hand, in fact, that once touched Taylor Swift’s shoulder) and introduced himself (as if I didn’t already know who he was when I was following him down the street). I was just going to say hello and move on, but he actually asked if I’d like a picture (and a wedding ring plz???). So his very nice friend Brandon took several pictures of us, with and without flash (great guy). And then the Gubs said goodbye and thanks for saying hello and it was nice to meet me and I said some words that I can’t remember because I blacked out of happiness when he hugged me for the picture.

So thank you, Matthew, for making my night (/life?). And for making me really popular on GroupMe, getting me a ton of likes on Facebook, and earning me some new Instagram followers (thx GublerLover6, but I don’t think I’ll be following you back).

And for teaching me that I should always choose the random adventure over the Netflix.


And if you’re not sure who this “Dr. Reid” is, SHAME ON YOU. It’s time for you to start watching Criminal Minds (preferably in the form of a day-long marathon from which you will literally never recover).



3 thoughts on “As It Turns Out, Stalking Pays Off

  1. Martina Christie says:

    He is one of my most fav actors on TV right now, love his nerdiness and am sure he is as profound in real life as on TV. Good for you to get the nerve to speak since this is a day you will not soon forget.


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