Things I’ve Learned About New York

I have officially been in New York for 7 weeks, which translates to about 25 ice cream cones or 100 trips to CVS.


Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. It is not socially acceptable to wear Nike shorts in public

2. But it is socially acceptable to wear crop tops at any time of day

3. If you’re ever feeling down, street vendors are always available to provide flattering (and occasionally creepy) compliments


4. It is easy to avoid being hit by a car

5. It is not so easy to avoid being hit by a bike

6. Sometimes Starbucks doesn’t have a bathroom

7. Even when Starbucks has a bathroom, you have to be willing to fork up $5 to use it

8. “Within walking distance” is an extremely relative term


9. New Yorkers are always a) working b) drinking or c) working out

10. Sassy tanks are in right now

11. So are Birkenstocks

12. Times Square is to be avoided at all costs

13. If you take a selfie with a Times Square minion, it is going to chase you down the street until you give it some money


14. New Yorkers know UNC Chapel Hill as the school Michael Jordan went to

15. Flywheel doesn’t give you your first class free here even though it does everywhere else

16. If you’re walking and not wearing headphones or staring at a phone, you don’t exist… because I’ve never seen anyone walking and not wearing headphones or staring at a phone

17. The youths like to do this thing where they take solo shots against brick walls but they don’t smile, they just sort of look at the camera


18. Working out on Sunday mornings is a thing

19. Brunch doesn’t start until at least 1 pm… so it’s just lunch

20. New York doesn’t seem to take a side in the Coke vs. Pepsi debate

21. The only acceptable time to talk to strangers on the street is when you both have dogs

22. Not everyone believes in deodorant


23. It is normal to order things like toiletries from Amazon Prime even though there are at least three Duane Reades on every block

24. Postmates will deliver you ice cream if you’re willing to pay like $10 for a $3 scoop

25. Affection is to be displayed as publicly as possible


26. Your conversation is my conversation (on the subway, walking down the street… no shame)

27. Truffle can be added to literally anything

28. Splitting checks is not a thing

29. Refills aren’t really a thing either

30. Mac and cheese is v trendy

…to be continued when I’ve learned more about this very interesting city.


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