Pros and Cons of 2015

Another New Year’s Eve, another round of “new year, new me” instagrams. Now that everyone has changed out of their sparkly dresses, let’s take a second to reflect on some of the happenings of the past year.


Here are some of the highlights (and lowlights) of 2015: 

Pro: Graduating from Carolina

Con: Being forced to leave Carolina

Con: Zayn left One Direction

Pro: Zayn is single now!

Pro: My boxing instructor looks like Zayn’s MMA-fighting identical twin


Pro: Carson Daly reading my tweet on the Today Show

Con: That tweet was about as basic as it gets

Con: My 15 seconds of fame did not launch me into full-on stardom like I’d hoped

Con: It didn’t even make me social media famous

Con: Donald Trump is always in the news

Pro: Donald Trump is giving SNL a LOT of good material to work with


Con: Reaching a never-before-seen level of translucence on account of not seeing the sun this summer

Pro: Adele is back and stronger than ever

Con: So are all the feelings


Con: Ariana Grande licked a donut

Pro: Sitting front row at Seth Myers

Con: Celebrities proved once again that love isn’t real: Miranda and Blake, Kourtney and Scott, Gigi and Joe, Ben and Jen

Pro: Faith and Tim are still going strong (seriously guys…you can’t ever break up)

Pro: Thomas Rhett and his wife redefined relationship goals

Pro: And also apparently Kourtney is dating JBiebs

Pro: Poot Lovato


Pro: Getting a job I love

Con: Actually having to go to a job every day

Pro: Meeting a lot of celebrities

Con: None of them wanted to marry me


Pro: Moving to New York

Con: All of my friends and family did not also move to New York

Pro: The Whip and Nae Nae

Pro: Watching people try to look cool while doing the Whip and Nae Nae


Pro: Carolina is suddenly good at football

Con: Seriously??? Now you get good??

Pro: The U.S. women’s soccer team made me wish I hadn’t quit playing soccer

Con: LOL jk, I sat on the sidelines of the B Team in 5th grade


Pro: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid became the best besties ever

Con: They also proved that to get anywhere in this crazy world, it helps to be insanely beautiful, 5’11, and rich AF

Pro: Meeting Matthew Gray Gubler

Pro: Scream Queens

Con: Nobody else watched Scream Queens

scream queens

Pro: 2/3 of the Jonas Brothers made a comeback

Pro: So did Justin Bieber

Pro: So did Selena Gomez

Con: I’m still listening to the same singers I listened to when I was 14

Con: But I no longer have my homemade “Baby I turn the temperature hotter” t-shirt



Pro: I was right about the dress (and you were wrong, White-and-Golders!!)



Pro: The word “bae” came into existence

Con: I probably say “bae” too much

Pro: For instance, boxing is bae

Con: I don’t look like Adriana Lima even after all the boxing


Con: My family lives really far away

Pro: But I guess that makes calling my mom every day a little more socially acceptable

Con: Deflategate

Con: I couldn’t care less about Deflategate

Pro: Drake did that wonderful little dance number


Pro: Left Shark

Con: Realizing you’re probably the Left Shark in your life

lef shark

Con: People still don’t know that “alot ” isn’t a word

Pro: That whole Steve Harvey thing

Con: That poor girl who had to be decrowned after that whole Steve Harvey thing

Pro: But like……… That whole Steve Harvey thing 😂



New Years Resolution 2016: General self-improvement

6358619589488028531329313295_new year new me

Or something like that…



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