The One With The Pigs

  1. This is going to be a GREAT episode
  2. “They hate me cuz they aint me” – Olivia
  4. “I’m really smart and they just like to paint their nails” – Olivia, who painted her nails last week
  5. “Come at me bro” – Olivia, who is just dying to become another meme ohsnap
  6. Is anyone else over Becca? She just doesn’t do it for me as a person
  7. “I don’t want him to think I’m dramatic” – Twin Emily, who has already cried twice in the first five minutes of this episode
  8. Just once, I want Chris Harrison to say “Ladies. GentleBen.”
  9. Bye Jennifer, sorry we never got to know you! You made a lot of friends and wore great dresses but ya really never spoke to Ben!
  10. “People can think whatever they want and it’s not gonna break me” – Olivia, who recently had a panic attack post-striptease
  11. “Ben and I’s love is so much stronger” – Olivia, who is so smart that she makes up words and doesn’t GAF about grammar
  12. OMG THERE’S ANOTHER 2-ON-1 PRAISE BE                                       tumblr_inline_ne0upn91uI1qk1wrj.gif
  13. It was pretty rude of you to take Caila on another date before giving Leah a chance, BEN
  14. “The universe brought us together in this process” – Leah… but like let’s be real, ABC’s producers brought y’all together
  15. Ben – if you’re looking for someone who will open up and cry with you, you’ve got like 4 girls sitting back at the house who are literally crying rn
  16. Look at Caila keeping it real!!!!
  17. Whoa….. She loves him but she doesn’t like him… or something
  18. Tbt to Caila breaking up with her boyfriend for Ben
  19. Ben is so taken aback by Caila’s reaction: “Like… This show is about ME, you can’t not like me SRSLY CAILA”
  20. Caila to Ben: “You want other people to feel loved” Maybe because he’s #unlovable
  21. I like that Caila is keeping bae on his toes
  22. If Ben didn’t have that giant tat and all of these feelings he’d be my soulmate giphy
  23. “This is like a bar in Dallas, there’s just pigs everywhere” – JoJo, who literally can’t even rn
  24. “Ben’s obsessing over Lauren B” Le duh, have you not been watching at all?
  25. This is the literal worst date ever. Ben unleashed wild pigs and then had a romantic swim with one of his girlfriends in front of his five other girlfriends
  26. JoJo has had enough of this ish
  27. Did everyone pack waterproof mascara and sea salt spray? I don’t look this good after I’ve been swimming WITH PIGS 635744272149258731836679730_pretty new girl
  28. I feel like you can tell a lot about a woman by the type of bathing suit she wears
  29. Leah is on a warpath rn
  30. We’re about to find out how drunk Ben is based on the color of his teeth. Red wine, seriously?
  31. “I think today is the most anxious I’ve felt” – Lauren B, who is clearly Ben’s favorite
  32. “Please never speak again” – Everyone else
  33. “I don’t want to name names….. But Lauren B is the worst” – Leah, who has decided that she’s going to be the first person in Bachelor history to win by bashing everyone else
  35. Omg if I ever go on this show I’m going to get the Keratin treatment beforehand because these girls are looking ROUGH
  37. Hope you didn’t want to be the Bachelorette, BRUTUS
  38. Way to make Lauren B question everything she’s ever done
  39. Leah: “Tonight I’m going to have to do something extreme” UM LIKE WHAT WERE YOU DOING EARLIER WHAT IS MORE EXTREME THAN THAT            anigif_enhanced-26890-1406573383-3
  40. That’s the shirt you choose to go be a homewrecking monster, Leah? “Oh I was just hanging out in this unflattering ruffle top and jean shorts and I thought I’d say hey”
  41. “I’m not here to sabotage what you have with somebody” oh wait no yeah I am
  42. Ben is finally seeing the light!
  43. This just isn’t how Leah saw tonight going…
  45. Awk when you can’t even say goodbye to anyone because they ALL HATE YOU tumblr_nwxaaelY9d1tq4of6o1_500
  46. Olivia in the one piece and Emily in the string bikini, as predicted
  47. Ben: “I’m not suuuuuper into either of you rn…”
  48. This date actually looks worse than the last date
  49. Olivia is not even TRYING to be sexy. She’s wearing a glorified speedo
  50. Probably because their relationship is sOoOo mature
  51. “Our love is all-consuming” – Olivia, who shouldn’t be allowed within 50 feet of Ben
  52. “Deep, intellectual things are like my jam” also cankles
  53. “I’m really strong, I’m really confident” I’m really narcissistic, I’m really delusional
  54. Omg I’m literally so nervous
  55. YES BEN YES                                                                                         bf709d5d9b29ad24ef72dfe5e1f4a467
  56. Why aren’t any of the producers comforting Olivia? Do they hate her too???
  57. You know there’s someone who gets paid to egg them on and force feed them vodka shots until they ugly cry
  58. Emily: “I KNEW this bikini would save the day”
  59. I feel kind of bad for Olivia because she looks sad but mostly because they left her alone on that island
  60. IF ANYONE EVER DUMPS ME AND JUST LEAVES ME ON AN UNINHABITED STRIP OF ROCKS I WILL BE VERY ANGRY                                                              tumblr_inline_mw2w0i66qs1rscbv1
  61. Ben: “I feel alone…” Except I have 7 lovers waiting for me back at home
  62. Lauren H, I like your fake eyelashes but you’re going home
  63. Lol at JoJo acting like she might get kicked off
  64. Srsly no cocktail party???
  65. “Becca S, I like you but you’re so sunburned and it hurts to look at you so I’m going to have to let you go” – Ben to me if I were on this show
  66. Lauren B is #overit
  67. Bye Lauren H you’re nice but like have you SEEN his connection with Lauren B? If not, you can ask literally anyone else
  68. I forget that Caila exists 5 times per episode
  69. Everybody loves Ben!!!!!
  70. I love him less after this episode tbh
  72. There’s only one solution: sister wives




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